Whether you’re shipping directly to your customers or need to stand out on a shelf, today’s consumers expect packaging to be equal parts functional, sustainable, and entertaining. Custom packaging design helps you showcase your product in a way that’s designed to connect with your ideal customer.

From the nostalgia of reading breakfast cereal boxes to the quippy one-liners and creative design elements of today’s top DTC contenders, custom packaging design does more than get your product safely from Point A to Point B. It tells your story, shows your brand’s personality, and helps you make an attention-grabbing first impression.

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Packaging design that goes beyond aesthetics

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you need a pair of scissors to open your new pair of scissors? You’re not alone. Today’s consumers expect your product packaging to be beautiful and user-friendly. Even more important, they’re increasingly looking for minimalistic and eco-friendly options. When you partner with Lunar Creative, we’ll help you consider everything from the amount and types of material you’re using to how your products are packed and displayed.

Our Custom Packaging Design Process


Whether your products need to stand out on the shelf, in the ecommerce shop, or some combination of both, you have just seconds to catch your consumer’s eye. Are you showcasing your product in a way that makes sense? Is the design targeted to your ideal consumer? Does it spark interest? During the discovery phase, we’ll find answers to these questions and more.

Market research

Before you can stand out from the crowd, it’s important to know what the crowd looks like. Do your consumers favor sustainable packaging, colorful designs, and personalized experiences? Or do they just want something practical and affordable? Market research includes looking at competitors’ branding, design, materials, and packaging components so that we can strategically position your products.

Product mockups

Trying to picture your product in new packaging is a little like trying to buy clothes on the internet; it’s possible, but not always comfortable. Product mockups let you see how packaging and product come together to create a unique user experience. During this phase in the custom packaging design process, we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes to make sure everything vibes as intended.

Vectored print-ready files

Once you’ve signed off on every word, icon, and design detail, we wrap up the custom packaging design process by delivering your vectored, print-ready files. These files are fully proofed, designed to spec, and ready for your chosen printer or packaging manufacturer to begin production immediately.

Let’s start your custom packaging design!

Life’s too short for impractical packaging and boring boxes. Let’s design custom packaging that’s as unique as your product.