Lunar Creative is a women-owned, full-service creative agency based out of Portland, Oregon.


That means we don’t just have industry experience, we also know what it takes to create memorable brand experiences in a sea of local brands. Whether we’re staying up late to make sure your shop window’s logo is perfectly centered or bringing the coffee (bourbon?) to a spur-of-the-moment brainstorming sesh, we’re committed to creating a totally custom experience. We know how to make your brand stand out. Give us a call and we’ll prove it to you.

Our Services

As a full-service creative agency, we do it all—from the monumental to the mundane. Website design? Check. ADA compliance? You got it. Social assets? We can handle that too. Whether you’re introducing your brand to the world, giving it a refresh, or looking for creative ways to open the door to new audiences, we’ll lay the creative foundation to support your next steps.

custom website design

Custom web design

Your website is your brand’s chance to make a first impression (and you’ve got about 2.6 seconds to make sure it’s a good one). Custom web design makes your brand accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Branding development

As a creative agency, we love every opportunity we have to, well… get creative. In our experience, branding and brand identity development are part craft, part science, and all heart.

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Packaging design

Packaging doesn’t just get your product from the shelves to consumers’ homes. When done right, it communicates your brand’s values, builds trust, and creates one-of-a-kind experiences (hello, unboxing videos…).

custom graphic design, SEO copywriting

Everything else

We get it, not everything falls into neat categories. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for (or need a little more direction), we’re happy to help! Get in touch to have a conversation about taking your brand or concept to the next level.

A creative agency with a whole lot of heart

During our time in the marketing industry, we’ve learned that bigger isn’t always better. As a locally-owned creative agency with a tight knit core team, we’ve actually got more to give than the big guys—more creativity, more flexibility, and more dedicated time and attention to your project.

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What’s it take to run a creative agency in Portland, Oregon?

You mean besides free-trade coffee, locally-distilled bourbon, and gluten-free waffles? In our experience, it takes creativity, grit, and a whole lotta heart.

We know we’re a small agency, and we know that we’re surrounded by some of the industry’s biggest players. But we also know that our size is one of our greatest strengths.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When you partner with Lunar Creative, you don’t have to be Nike or Budweiser to get our whole attention. You just have to be you. As a small creative agency, we’re able to offer a more streamlined process and the one-on-one attention that your project deserves. 


Now Booking New Clients!
Hello, friends! Thank you for an incredible year. I wanted to share that we're officially opening our books for next year -- starting in February! Schedule a free consultation and let's chat about your design needs!