Branding Package Checklist: What To Include & Why

August 1, 2023

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You already know the power of good branding (but if you need a quick refresher, check out our branding design elements blog).But what goes into a comprehensive branding package? And why are there so many moving parts? My friend, we have good news. We’ve put together a branding package checklist to help you understand the what and why of it all. 

First, what’s a branding package? 

We’re so glad you asked. A branding package is the set of visual, written, and iconic elements that represents your brand’s identity. Think things like your logo, brand colors, and photo style. It all comes together to set the tone for how people perceive your brand, products and/or services. 

No matter what type of product or service you offer, branding helps people connect with your business. And a high level of consistency makes it easier for customers to spot your brand “out in the wild.” We’re no mathematicians, but we do know that brand recognition + customer loyalty = better sales. 

The comprehensive branding package checklist: 

In reality, a custom branding package can include just about anything—from rules about branded pens to logo placement on car wraps. But if you’re looking for the essentials, we’ve got you covered. 

The general stuff (AKA our standard branding package)

Everything you need to get your brand up and running, these five elements are included in a standard branding package when you partner with Lunar Creative. 

  • Colors: Include your colors (pantone and hex) as well as how and when they can be used. For example, is that vibrant green a primary or secondary color? Can that charcoal be used for headers or only body text? The more specific these color rules are, the faster you can build brand recognition.
  • Logo suite: Your logo is probably the most recognizable and versatile part of your branding package. In general, your logo suite is going to include your primary logo and some subtle variations for different applications. It’s NOT different versions of the logo so distinct that they look like different logos altogether. Typically, a comprehensive logo suite will include your primary, go-to logo, a secondary logo, a brand mark, and an icon. 
  • Fonts: Clearly outline your fonts and where each can be used (Headers or body). It can be helpful here to include a visual example of your fonts in action. Because fonts aren’t universal, having backups can also be helpful. For example, if your primary font is Comic Sans, but if it’s not available Lobster is a suitable replacement. Just kidding, Comic Sans is (almost) never an appropriate primary font. 
  • Business cards: There’s nothing quite like holding your new business card for the first time. This important piece of business collateral gives the essential details folks need to contact you. But they’re also a bite-sized reflection of who you are and what you do. Everything from the colors and material to the shape and size can affect how your brand is perceived. 
  • Brand style guide: the thing that pulls it all together! Your brand style guide is like the trapper keeper of your branding elements. It outlines all of the above and more so that anyone working on your brand (eg. marketing team, new hires, etc) can hit the ground running. 

The digital goods 

Keeping your digital brand presence on point can be clutch. These branding essentials help you keep consistent across different digital platforms, like social media and your website.

  • Social media icons/cover photos: This could be part of your logo suite, or something entirely different. Because different social media platforms come with different image requirements, having a suite of social media assets makes it easier to update. The most common platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You might also consider having options for TikTok and Twitter. 
  • Email templates: Save yourself time and energy while maintaining your brand’s consistency. Eye-catching email templates should stick to your brand guidelines and include your logo, colors, typography, and a footer with your company’s information. People are busy, make it easy to connect with you!
  • Photo standards: this one’s not included in every branding package, but in the age of social media it’s more important than ever. Photo standards refer to how and when photography comes into play. For example, imagine you’re a wedding florist. Does your brand only use close-up shots of bridal bouquets on a simple background? Or do you prefer sweeping landscapes with smiling brides holding your arrangements? Deciding what types of images can represent your brand helps maintain your visual identity. 

The printables

Sometimes branded printables give your brand that little extra something it needs to make an impression… 

  • Letterhead: Letterhead?! What is this, the 1900s? Do you really need letterhead in the digital age? Absolutely. For professional correspondences and official business, a standardized letterhead helps build credibility and establish trust. Business letterhead is also a great option for sales letters, coupons, special offers, and other incentives that motivate your customers to take action. 
  • Fliers, brochures, etc: Direct mailers are still a great way to connect with customers (and potential customers). Getting your brand into people’s hands helps build awareness. And, who knows, you just might find your next biggest fan. 

The optionals: 

All the fun optionals that drill down your brand identity and help you shine out in the world!

  • Your brand statements: As long as we’re putting together the ultimate checklist, it’s worth mentioning that your brand statements are part of your total branding package. This includes things like your mission statement, vision statement, tagline, and core values. For today’s values-driven customers, these things are arguably as important for brand loyalty as your visual branding. 
  • Posters or signage: These designs are especially important if you have a storefront or do in-person events and pop-ups. We love a cardboard sign as much as the next branding agency, but professionally designed posters, banners, table covers, etc. can really add value to your events. 
  • Literally anything else: Brochures, product packaging, websites and landing pages… when it comes to your branding package, the options are literally endless. If you have an idea for a creative branding element, we want to hear it! 

Take the guesswork out of your branding

Developing a branding package can feel like a huge lift. And honestly, that’s because it is. Without the right branding, plenty of great businesses get lost in the crowd. At Lunar Creative, we believe every brand has a unique identity and story to share. We love working with clients to uncover theirs and build a branding package that showcases it. Whether you’re building your brand from scratch or want a refresh, we’re here to help.

Get in touch to see if we’re a good fit! Let’s turn your branding ideas into actions.

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